The Art of Advising: Dan Morrissey interview

Last Updated on November 10, 2020 by Real College Matters

by Leigh Moore

Hello, friends!

My husband and I became fans of Dan Morrissey during our son’s boarding school search. Dan is a dyed-in-the-wool educator, someone who always puts the student’s needs first.

Dan does not manage people; he advises. In fact, Dan has written the book on advising . Like us at Real College Matters, Dan asks the big questions behind the small ones. “What was your Calc AP score?” is a small question; “How will that calculus expertise help you pursue your greater goals?” is a big one.

Have you ever wondered what constitutes great secondary school advising? Dan joined me on our podcast just as the quarantine went into effect; with apologies to him, I waited until we got a little closer to the academic year before posting.

Listen in! From Phillips Exeter Academy to Baylor School, Western Reserve Academy, and (presently) Cushing Academy, Dan has accumulated a wealth of insight. We thank him for sharing it with us!