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Ideologues at heart, we tend to obsess about big picture values, such as education and transformation, through a love of data and the story it tells. Data often reveals truth; at the very least, it reveals ambiguities.
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How to conduct a great college search: dare to make decisions

We must guide students to reflect on their objectives rather than reacting to dynamics which ...

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Biggest news yet this year–to me, at least

31 May 2019 While I can’t say I’m particularly surprised by it, UVA’s announcement ...

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The source (and consequences) of our collective confusion

Maybe the achievement culture itself isn't fully to blame for all this stress.

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Here’s to you, Brian

30 April 2020 Tomorrow, May 1, will be college decision day for some students; for others, it’s ...

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My favorite admissions podcast

24 April 2019 Over the past year or so, I’ve come to appreciate one particular podcast ...

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9 campuses, 694K applications, $49M

In the “just saying” category, here’s a campus-by-campus view of this year’s University ...

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