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Ideologues at heart, we tend to obsess about big picture values, such as education and transformation, through a love of data and the story it tells. Data often reveals truth; at the very least, it reveals ambiguities.
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Which is tougher–Tulane or Rose-Hulman? Class standing, admit rates, and outliers

A lot of assumptions are made about colleges based on too few data points. Take ...

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What’s more important than college admissions? College is.

You know what's more important than college admissions? College is. All day, every day, the ...

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When did the four year degree stop being a thing?

With college sticker prices going up to $78,000 annually, I think it's reasonable for one to ...

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Are sticker prices meaningless? Not with this much variation

It's unusual for me to write about sticker prices, because they so rarely correlate with ...

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High Tide? Rising Tide?

The scope of change in the composition of the student body at Alabama is hard ...

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