Like it or not, the recruitment burden is on the athlete

Last Updated on November 10, 2020 by Real College Matters

One of the toughest myths for me to address as a college counselor is that of the discovered athlete. Way too many kids work their hearts out on the field, participating at the highest level they can. They spend their weekends attending showcase events and posting information to recruitment webpages, wondering when the coaches are going to find them.

If that’s working for your student, great. But almost always, it’s a different approach that not only paves the way for successful athletic recruitment but also demands the kind of adulting that is inherently beneficial.

To be discovered is to wait; to be recruited is to act.

Coaches need to hear from prospective athletes. They want to hear from you. Coaches will be especially receptive if the student has done some homework ahead of time. But how does a student start the process? Goodness, I’m so glad you asked!

Top-shelf expertise; accessible price

As many of you know, I’ve been working to find ways to provide more families with good information, earlier in the college search—even before it starts. I believe more fervently than ever in the value of individual advising. There’s plenty of instruction which can help all families, whether or not they ultimately seek individual services. First up: a webinar which answers the question, “How does an athlete start their own recruitment process?” David Stoeckel and Katie Andersen, both former D1 athletes (Penn State and Duke, respectively) are experts in all things related to athletic recruitment and college sports. They have worked with a number of my students over the years, helping those kids launch their own recruitment journeys. You can read more about David and Katie on the flyer. They are excellent communicators who will leave participants not only with an understanding of what needs to happen on the recruitment journey, but also a tangible (downloadable) guide for later reference.
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