Beyond AP and IB: What makes an education “good?”

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By Leigh Moore (9/29/20)

Many thanks to my long-time friend, Tracie Catlett, for joining us on the podcast. Few things in life give me as much joy as connecting people, and it’s especially gratifying when friends who have been in my life a long time can be a part of what we do at Real College Matters.

It was tough not to go completely off script with Tracie on several counts. She and I have known one another for almost 25 years. Also, she happened to be Ryan’s high school calculus teacher during her years at Louisville Collegiate School. As I mention in the episode, I know few, if any, people who have given as much of themselves to the ideal of quality education as the Catlett family.

We’re proud to call you our friend, Tracie. Best to you and yours at Greensboro Day School! Keep up the good work!


As the saying goes, the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. Too often, we talk about achievement instead of education, knowledge instead of understanding, accomplishments instead of learning.
Many thanks to Tracie Catlett, Head of School at Greensboro Day School (NC), for joining us as we tackle tough questions:  what Is a quality education?  What markers of a secondary curriculum are most meaningful?  Tracie’s professional experiences, which include math teacher, academic dean, admissions director and head of school, equip her with a valuable perspective for the discussion.

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Transcript available on our podcast page.