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Leigh – “Your services are a huge benefit to students/families who have no idea how to approach the college search. You’re helping them create a really positive foundation for their entire life!!”

Gene Weis

Retired from the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority; former head track coach at both University of Louisville and University of Kentucky

Leigh – “Dr. Moore has been a valuable asset to our son Sam during the college selection process. Her teaching experience provides a strong background for understanding the ACT process and results. She has assisted in evaluating his future field of study, and has helped us understand and navigate through the NCAA recruitment process. We highly recommend her services for college admissions.” — Parents of S.M. Western Kentucky University

Parents of S.M.

Western Kentucky University

Denise – “Thank you so much for being such a great mentor during the college search process! I always enjoyed meeting to discuss colleges and, thanks to you, the process was much simpler. Thank you for all of your help!”  —J.D., Ballard High School Class of 2013 (DePauw University)


DePauw University

Dana – “Through the college admission process, you have taught my son life skills that he will keep with him for a lifetime. Thank you very much!”


Walden, Class of 2016

Dana – “My daughter struggled with learning differences; you continuously tried new approaches, to see which efforts resonated with her…your selflessness will never be forgotten by our family!”


Louisville Collegiate

Leigh – “I think the most important thing you taught me all year is that you shouldn’t pick a school based on name, because it’s not where you go, but, rather,  what you do….You pushed me to take challenges head on, like my research in California….Your advice on essays made me a much better writer and thinker….I really don’t think I can tolerate writing a bad essay ever again!”


University of South Carolina

Leigh – “Your confidence in me has been so uplifting and encouraging, and has made the year very hopeful.”—H.S. University of Louisville


University of Louisville

Denise – “Thank you so much for everything!! I have no idea what I would have done without you during the college application process. You truly are a life saver!” — E.M., Sacred Heart Academy Class of 2013 (Belmont University)


Belmont University

Ryan – “Before I started working with Ryan, the essay was definitely the part of college applications that scared me the most. I had no idea what kind of narrative I had to offer the schools I was looking at. But even after just one meeting, Ryan really opened my eyes to the kinds of stories I have to tell and the unique perspective I have to give. He doesn’t tell you what you should be writing about to sound impressive, he helps show you what stories you already have that prove that you are.”

Dana – “Thank you for all your support this year! You helped me find the best college options for me.  I couldn’t have done this without you!”


University of Virginia

Leigh – “You came into my life at the perfect time and have truly been a blessing.  I don’t know where I would be without you!” 


Hanover College

Denise – “I truly appreciate everything you have done for me over the past two years. There is no way I could have navigated the college preparatory waters without you; you helped keep me motivated, organized, and (most importantly) sane through the entire process. It was a joy working with you and I always looked forward to our meetings. Thank you for everything!”


Sacred Heart Academy Class of 2013

“Denise, I cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond to help get through to my junior. I will follow up with him and make sure he understands the expectations and that he is prepared. Please continue to communicate with me on his progress. Again, thank you so much – you really care about the kids and it shows.” —Parent, St. Francis High School, Class of 2014


St. Francis High School, Class of 2014

Ryan – “Ryan has been extremely beneficial to my college application process. He works in a very hands on manner and has significantly improved my writing. Ryan helped me with a variety of application elements, including building a resume, brainstorming, and walking through essays with me to edit and improve m writing. Additionally adds an element of fun to our meetings, which is important when going through such a challenging process.”