9 Best-Investment Colleges

Last Updated on July 9, 2021 by Real College Matters

by Leigh Moore

Hi there!

I look at college admissions from two different perspectives–the big picture (values, priorities, purpose, ideals) and the little picture (data, application details, institution-specific news). Last week’s blog post was full of ritual lament about the big picture; today, I offer a small picture chart instead.

About the visualization:

  • The chart is pretty self-explanatory. Always hoping to find different tools for evaluating colleges, I think Payscale.com’s tables are always interesting.
  • Check out these schools and see what you think. To save you the Google searches, I included quite a bit of information in the hover view. You will see that I have included category and ranking data from USNews in the tooltips. College counselors are not known for referencing USNews, but I do so for a couple of reasons: 1) You probably want to see them; and 2) the deviation away from the usual suspects is noteworthy.
  • You could make an argument that service academy 20-year net should be calculated differently from others; nothing gives you a running start on ROI like a free undergraduate education.
  • It’s always a challenge for me to know which data is helpful to readers; if you’d like to see the rest of the ROI info, drop me a line at leigh@realcollegematters.com.

Last week’s blog covered my decision to phase out my individual advising practice and tackle more writing projects. No longer having a stake in any family’s decision about independent counseling, I enjoy the opportunity to write with even more candor thn usual. Watch for next week’s post, The Case for an Independent Counselor. I don’t intend to offend anyone, but something tells me I will manage to do so, anyway.

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